Global Manufacturing
Global Sourcing
Our Global Manufacturing & Sourcing service takes you from design to delivery, ensuring the safest path to international component manufacturing and procurement in a cost-effective manner. Please contact us at 440-992-2195 Ext. 245  with any questions about our Global Manufacturing & Sourcing strategy and how it can be utilized by your organization.

Ashtabula Rubber's commitment to technical service and customer satisfaction has kept us pushing forward to expand our manufacturing capabilities. We not only have molding, rubber-to metal bonding, and lathe-cut manufacturing systems on-site, but we also have a manufacturing facility overseas. Located in the Guangdong Province of southern China, Ashtabula Rubber (Foshan) Ltd., not only allows us to compete with the low-cost demands of a global market, but gives our customers a trusted global source for manufactured rubber components.

For many rubber components, dimensional compliance is not sufficient to determine proper component function. Rubber seals, mechanical goods used in brake systems, as well as FDA and NSF applications with potable water are examples of components that require special rubber formulation, consistency of formula ingredients, and repeatability of process for these parts to function properly. Ashtabula Rubber (Foshan) Ltd. embodies the same quality systems and process control as our domestic facility, allowing us to ensure the parts our customers receive are of the same quality regardless of where they are manufactured.