Many design engineers know when a rubber component is needed, and may have an idea of the interface and geometry. However, there are some subtleties where detailed knowledge of rubber materials, characteristics, and design are required. Even without a complete design, engineers can still take advantage of Ashtabula Rubber's technical services. In fact, the customers we serve best typically contact us early in their designing process for new projects.

In addition to new projects, we also assist with issues concerning upgrades for existing products, products operating in extreme environments, chronic field issues and letdowns from current suppliers. Our engineering staff can alleviate these problems by producing turnkey product solutions delivered on time and within specifications.

Our customers benefit from our systematic approach to finding solutions because our process focuses on optimizing the component's performance as it relates to form, fit and function, while achieving the long-term reliability they expect. Whether produced locally at our modern manufacturing facility in Ashtabula, Ohio, through our oversea company Ashtabula Rubber (China) Ltd., or procured through our global sourcing partners, we engineer quality, cost-effective parts on time and within your budget.