Physical Properties
Durometer Range 40-80
Tensile (Maximum PSI) 1500
Elongation (Maximum %) 400
Specific Gravity 1.40
Compression Set Excellent
Environmental Properties
Electrical Resistance Good-Excellent
Flame Resistance Excellent
Gas Impermeability Poor
Impact Resistance Fair
Abrasion Resistance Poor
Tear Resistance Poor
Continuous Maximum Temp 350 oF
Intermittent Maximum Temp 450 oF
Stiffening Point Temp -60 oF
Brittle Point Temp -90 oF
Weatherability Excellent
Oxidation Resistance Excellent
Ozone Resistance Excellent
300 F Steam Resistance Good
Immersion Properties
Aliphatics (Isoctane) Excellent
Aromatics (Toluene) Good-Excellent
Halogenated Solvents Good-Excellent
Gasonline (Unleaded) Good-Excellent
Gasohol (Ethyl) Good
Alcohols Good
Brake Fluid Poor
Transmission Fluid Excellent
Antifreeze Excellent
Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid Excellent
Non-Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid Fair
Water Excellent
Acids (Cold 20%) Good
Bases (Cold 20%) Good
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Fluorosilicone - Fluorinated Polysiloxone