Physical Properties
Durometer Range 30-90
Tensile (Maximum PSI) 4500
Elongation (Maximum %) 650
Specific Gravity 0.91
Compression Set Good
Environmental Properties
Electrical Resistance Excellent
Flame Resistance Poor
Gas Impermeability Good
Impact Resistance Excellent
Abrasion Resistance Good
Tear Resistance Excellent
Continuous Maximum Temp 175 oF
Intermittent Maximum Temp 210 oF
Stiffening Point Temp -30 oF
Brittle Point Temp -75 oF
Weatherability Fair-Good
Oxidation Resistance Good
Ozone Resistance Poor
300 F Steam Resistance Poor
Immersion Properties
Aliphatics (Isoctane) Poor
Aromatics (Toluene) Poor
Halogenated Solvents Poor
Gasonline (Unleaded) Poor
Gasohol (Ethyl) Poor
Alcohols Excellent
Brake Fluid Good
Transmission Fluid Poor
Antifreeze Excellent
Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid Poor
Non-Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid Poor
Water Excellent
Acids (Cold 20%) Fair
Bases (Cold 20%) Good
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